Open letter to Ebony Magazine: This Black woman doesn’t support Planned Parenthood

Ebony Magazine said: “Let’s call the video what it is — the latest in the anti-abortion movement’s appropriation of civil rights and its crass manipulations of history.”

“As a Black woman who cherishes history, I know the sensitive nature of Emmett Till’s story. High school was the first time I heard of his brutal murder. At 15, I was grieved for Emmett and angered over the injustice that took his life. Later in my 20’s, my mother confessed to paying to abort me. If not for the words of an elderly African American janitor telling her in the hospital, “God would give her the strength to have me,” I would have lost my life.

When I saw Emmett’s broken body in high school, I saw a Black teenager like me. When I look at the broken body of an 11-week-old boy in a petri dish, I see a person, who suffered a death I could have. This is one of the reasons I am part of the Students for Life project #CallHimEmmett.

Emmett Till’s story belongs to us all. We all can learn from history and relate to it as we see fit. History has no police force guarding our interpretations of his experience. We can draw from his story in the past to help us process present injustices against humanity. This is why 60 years later, it still speaks to us.”

— Christina Marie Bennett

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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