I NEVER confront mothers who hold sincere regret about killing their children through abortion and then work to protect other children from that same fate. I do my research and I know who and what I am confronting.

The holy grail for the abortion industry is destigmatization. They work tirelessly to create a culture where abortion is no different than having a tooth pulled. And I work tirelessly to prevent that from happening.

Here are a few quotes from Kate Hindman, the blogger behind the ‘Pro Voice Support Blog’ that I confronted…

“After learning about the Pro-Voice movement and how it accepts all complex post abortion emotions, I felt safe to feel my feelings. For the first time, I was proud that I had had an abortion.”

“After all my reasons had been marked off as not actually mattering to me, I realized that I was glad I had my abortion for different reasons, reasons I could not have foreseen at the time that I was pregnant.”

“For the first time I was happy that I had had an abortion, I had made it worth it.”

“I was set free. I knew deep down that I was at a place where I was glad to not have a child, glad to not have placed the baby for adoption.”

On her ‘neutral’ abortion blog, she has made the following statements…

“I’m thinking of either starting a YouTube channel or getting another blog where I write longer pieces pertaining to abortion, repro justice, and other related news…

More complex Pro Voice story sharing from Planned Parenthood would be awesome. They give Exhale’s number to every abortion patient, why not engage in some of that same support?”

I totally compare abortions to break ups too! Sometimes you need to do it but it doesn’t mean you won’t have all kinds of feelings afterwards.”

If you have had an abortion at Planned Parenthood, and decided to have the remains donated to science, burned, or given back to you for funeral/cremation purposes – you did the best thing for yourself and I support you.”

You see, the person I confronted isn’t some poor helpless child forced into an abortion, she is a part of the insidious strategy employed by America’s abortion industry to create a culture devoid of value for preborn human life. You can fall into their trap or you can keep your eyes wide open and fight their strategy with the cold hard truth. I choose the latter.

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Though normally I love your blog, the girl who had the abortion five years ago didn\'t state (to my knowledge) that she was glad she had the abortion. She might be sad about the abortion, or at least sad that she had one at such a young age. She might have been forced into it.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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