It’s funny how people were talking to me as if my future was crystal clear and obvious. Here was this sixteen year old boy working hard to provide for us, but everyone was claiming that he did not love us, that he was more interested in sleeping with other girls, and that he wouldn’t make it past her first year. 

The narrative around teenage fathers hurts because as society labels him an invisible deadbeat he’s over here helping our four year old with her homework while holding our baby in his arms as she pulls his hair. My daughter loves him, and would be the first to say that their father loves them too. Empower these new fathers and give them the confidence and tools to effectively raise their children with peace and love. 

I slightly mentioned his upbringing in a previous post. Before I was ever pregnant he changed countless diapers, prepared endless bottles, and disciplined without being violent. He already knew how to parent and knew exactly what he was getting himself into. He was more than thrilled to give his baby and me his last name. Quality of parenting cannot be predicted by age alone.

By the way, we celebrated our seventh anniversary in a couple of months. So much for abandoning us right? Bless his thick skin, because he has heard it all and has never given up. 

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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