I’m sorry, apparently you haven’t followed my blog. I am absolutely in favor of contraception. In fact, I highly recommend multiple layers of contraception for those who have sex, even if for fun. But never forget, we are driven to have sex by evolution. The desire for sex has one purpose: the creation of a new human being. And when that new human being presents herself, they must be protected as any other human being is. After all, we have declared that each of us possesses the right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

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how exactly do you plan on making abortion unthinkable when you\'re actively fighting against birth control and driving up the unplanned pregnancy rate? more unplanned pregnancy obviously leads to more abortions. making more people thinking about abortion by increasing the need for it is the exact opposite of making abortion unthinkable.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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