Minutes after Chanel Murrish was born she broke a record and, in a medical miracle, became the youngest baby in Britain to have open heart surgery.

Doctors told Chanel’s parents before birth that they should consider an abortion or else they would be forced to watch their little girl die in their arms because she probably wouldn’t make it. In fact, physicians were so certain little Chanel would die that they told her parents twice they sould consider aborting her.

But the couple refused to give up on their little fighter, who gave them a sign she would fight right along with them. During an ultrasound scan, Chanel gave her mom and dad a thumbs up. They knew their little fighter could pull through.

Just minutes after birth, doctors rushed Chanel into an operating room to put a stent in her heart. Chanel had hypoplastic left heart syndrome,where one side of her heart was not formed properly. Seven days later, Chanel had another operation and now she continues to grow and get stronger.

“Chanel has proved she is determined to live. I’m so proud of her. The doctors say one in three million babies are at risk of the same condition. Before she was born the specialists said she might not survive birth but we couldn’t face a termination. I know she wanted to live because she was giving a huge thumbs-up at her scan. It was like she was telling us everything would be OK.”

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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