The harvest of shame: How aborted-baby trafficking became big business

Editor’s note: Because of the current controversy surrounding Planned Parenthood and the harvesting and selling of body parts from aborted babies, we take you back into our archives for the following article written by Lynn Vincent on how the Clinton administration’s lifting of the ban on fetal-tissue research in 1993 led to a growing business of trafficking aborted human remains.

As Monday morning sunshine spills across the high plains of Aurora, Colo., and a new workweek begins, fresh career challenges await Ying Bei Wang. On Monday, for example, she might scalpel her way through the brain stem of an aborted 24-week pre-born child, pluck the brain from the baby’s peach-sized head with forceps, and plop it into wet ice for later shipment. On Tuesday, she might carefully slice away the delicate tissue that secures a dead child’s eyes in its skull, and extract them whole. Ying knows her employer’s clients prefer the eyes of dead babies to be whole. One once requested to receive four to 10 per day.

The probe unearthed grim, hard-copy evidence of the cross-country flow of baby body parts, including detailed dissection orders, a brochure touting “the freshest tissue available,” and price lists for whole babies and parts. One 1999 price list from a company called Opening Lines reads like a cannibal’s wish list: Skin $100. Limbs (at least two) $150. Spinal cord $325. Brain $999 (30 percent discount if significantly fragmented).

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