Italian Botched AbortionYou read the headline correctly. Parents in Italy, who attempted to abort their unborn daughter 15 years ago, are just now suing the hospital where the procedure was performed due to the fact that the abortion failed to kill the child. They claim that the hospital should reimburse them for the costs of raising their daughter.

Elisa Bellandi is a ‘smart and beautiful’ teenager according to her doting father. Like many 14-year-olds around the world her favourite band is One Direction and she loves singing.

Elisa dreams of one day being a lawyer or psychologist. And it is not hard to understand why. Because in many ways she is very different from many teenagers.

She has had to come to terms with the knowledge that not only was she a ‘mistake’ baby, conceived when her mother had already passed 40, but that she survived both a miscarriage and a failed abortion.

And if that were not bad enough to deal with, her parents are suing the hospital claiming that a botched operation caused ‘psychological trauma’ to Elisa’s mother and father — in a case that has shocked Italy.

Giuseppe and Aurora Bellandi, who live in the Italian beach town of Rimini with Elisa, are demanding £700,000 (€1m) in compensation for not just the psychological trauma of having a second child, but also the material deprivation it caused to their lifestyle.

Elisa claims to support her parents’ decision to sue. But unless she’s trying to get a reality show or she’s been promised a pretty sweet chunk of the lawsuit cash, I really don’t see how that’s possible. Being “okay” with it would be admitting that her birth was an unwanted mistake and that her entire life has been nothing but a drain on her parents’ bank accounts.

Either way, this is horrible and tragic on several levels. This young girl who miraculously survived an abortion should be looked upon as a walking miracle for whom everyone is grateful, not a mistake.


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