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My sweet #PaxtonBridge. He passed away around 23 weeks gestation. I never was able to hold his tiny hands or kiss his little toes. See him smile or hear him coo. I was never able to hold him in my arms but I had the blessing of holding his soul inside of my body for a few short months & he’ll be forever in my heart & on my mind. He was precious & priceless.
It weighs so heavy on my heart that sweet innocent babies like him do have a price. But only after they are savagely & brutally murdered inside what should be the safest place on earth; their mothers wombs. They are ripped to pieces while they’re alive & able to feel every bit of pain you or I would feel. How are people able to justify this? How are the ones sifting through their tiny, perfect, -mutilated- bodies able to function? How have we morally slipped so far in such a horrifying direction? This country’s streets are running red with the blood of -millions- of children. My mind has been in shock & horror since the first video came out. But the last one- the one with the tiny dying baby on cold hard surgical steel makes me weep. So many babies.
I wasn’t able to attend the protest today but I can speak out for the little ones who weren’t given the chance to find their voice. My heart aches for them.

Father, forgive us.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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