The selling of aborted baby parts is very much a part of Planned Parenthood’s business model, as has been revealed in a series of undercover videos showing high-ranking Planned Parenthood executives negotiating for high payouts. 

One woman is now telling her story of what happened when she refused to sign the papers donating her aborted baby’s body parts.

from Blaze:

“I was second-guessing my decision to have the abortion,” Tanner told Live Action News. ”And as I was filling out the paperwork, I saw a permission slip that dealt with the disposal of the ‘products of conception.’”

A nurse reportedly told Tanner that donating fetal tissue was similar to being an organ donor, but that argument didn’t convince Tanner, who said that she initially did not want to sign it.

“I said I didn’t want to sign it and they said I had to or I couldn’t have the abortion,” she said. ”I didn’t want my baby to be used for scientific research and I was told, ‘Don’t worry, it’s not a baby.’”

Tanner continued, “I told her I had two daughters already and I knew what a baby was. She said, ‘We don’t think its a baby.’”

In the end, Tanner ended up signing the form — an act that she now laments.

“[The nurse] said that I should give honor to what I thought was my ‘child’ by signing the form,” Tanner told Live Action News. “In my very confused state I listened to her say it was a ‘good’ thing to do, and I caved.”

Despite signing the form, she said that she was hoping for a way out of the abortion.

“I was on the table, but wanted to leave and I was pushed back down. They said it was too late to change my mind,” she said. “The cramping was horrible … after the machine was finally turned off, the doctor took the jar and right in front of me, he dumped the contents onto a tray and started looking for the pieces.”

Tanner also claims that the doctor yelled at her during the procedure.

“I can’t find all the parts. How pregnant were you?” he allegedly said, with Tanner adding, “He yelled at me! ‘If you get an infection it’s not my fault.’ Then he turned the machine back on and vacuumed some more. That was worse than the first time.”

After the procedure, she said that she stopped at the front desk and asked for her tissue donation form so that she could rip it up, but was told that the clinic no longer had it.

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That sure doesn’t sound like an outfit that caters to “women’s health” to me.  It certainly doesn’t fit the so-called “pro-choice” narrative.  Planned Parenthood didn’t want her to have a choice, they only wanted her baby’s valuable body parts.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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