Never going to happen in America with these conservatives. The Right Wing has lost every ounce of compassion in order to obey their billionaire overlords.

Sure, okay, it’s not like America is planning to spend 5.6 billion on humanitarian aid and 8.8 billion on health care around the world in 2016… oh wait, we are.

It’s not like America already spent over 74 billion on SNAP in 2014… oh wait, we did.

It’s not like pro-life conservative Glenn Beck’s charity donated food and supplies when thousands of children came over the border unaccompanied last year… and REPUBLICANS Senator Mike Lee and Rep Louis Gohmert from Texas helped… oh wait, yeah, that actually happened.

It’s not like Catholic Charities USA helps millions of people get access to the food they need year after year… oh yeah, they do.

It’s not like World Vision, based in AMERICA and founded by an AMERICAN Evangelical Christian (who later founded an organization dedicated to combating hunger), fed 8 million people in 2014, almost 5 million of whom were children… and that they also help provide clean water, education, and disaster relief… oh wait, yeah, that’s actually true.

The Left Wing has lost every ounce of its ability to find facts in order to go along with whatever their billionaire overlord George Soros says >:)

We not only fight to feed the post-born, we also fight to feed the preborn by working to keep them attached to their umbilical cords.

We are pro-life for ALL lives.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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