Don’t make someone’s abortion about you

Don’t make your moms abortion about you

Don’t make your brothers abortion about you

Don’t make anyone’s abortion about you

“I could have had a brother or a sister”
“I could have been an uncle or an aunt”
“I could have been a god mom or god father”


It’s not about you, if someone you know is getting an abortion, and you feel offended, stop, it’s not about you. This is about that person doing whatever is best for them, and if that means getting an abortion, so be it. Don’t make their medical, personal choice, about you.


You’re right, it’s not about you, it’s about the baby. The one who didn’t get an option.


There is no baby involved in abortion? However, there is a pregnant person and a non sentient, non autonomous fetus. Don’t make someone’s abortion about a non feeling fetus that doesn’t matter.


Ah, here we see the illogical in their natural habitat, a world where “non-sentient, non-autonomous fetuses” magically become rights-endowed humans as soon as their heads poke out of a vagina. Until then, they’re merely a blob of cells that, since they “aren’t a baby”, are only worth something if we sell their parts for “medical research.” Brilliant.


No literally, a fetus is a fetus after 12 weeks of development in a uterus and stays a fetus until birth. Where they will then become a newborn, aka an infant, aka a baby. Before a fetus isn’t autonomous since they’re surviving off another person’s body and are incapable of using their own body for survival. A fetus isn’t sentient for the same reason. When you’re born, you get rights, you become an autonomous being. Also, if someone is terminating a pregnancy of an unwanted fetus, it’s unwanted, it’s not worth something to that person. And why is there an issue with donating fetal tissue for stem cell research to search for cures for cancer or heart problems. The fee to move the fetal tissue is between 30-100 dollars, the fetal tissue itself isn’t being sold but donated, consented by the pregnant person before the abortion. Also, I never said a fetus was a blob of cells, I mean technically we’re all blobs of cells, but a fetus is what it is, a fetus.


Yes, the technical name for an unborn child is a fetus. However, all fetuses are babies the same as all babies are children and all children are human beings. A fetus is a human being, even before it is born. This is not a process that magically happens in the birth canal.

While I can agree with you that an unborn child is neither autonomous nor sentient (although the sentient aspect is questionable as the unborn child grows), I do not really see how you can argue that that makes it less valuable or worthy of life. It’s not as though, as soon as an infant is born, it’s able to care for itself. It is still 100% dependent on someone else for life. If you took a newborn baby and stuck it out in a field, it would die. Infants are no more autonomous immediately after birth than they are immediately before. If a mother of an unborn child is allowed to decide that she would rather kill the baby than be responsible for its life and safety, why can she not make the same decision after the baby is born? It is just as dependent upon her for life at that point as it was before.

The age at which a baby can be born and survive outside the womb gets earlier all the time, so if that is your argument, you must concur that no abortions should be legal after 22 weeks of pregnancy, and  be ready to accept that every year that age may be earlier as medical advancements continue. The very fact that all it takes to make a fetus survive outside the womb is medical advancement is a pretty strong indication that a fetus is, in fact, a baby.

Your argument literally said “if a person is unwanted, they should be able to be terminated.” The logical conclusion of your argument is that, at any point in a child’s life, if their caregiver decides they don’t want them any more, they should be able to take them to the doctor and have them put down like a dog. Just because a child’s parent doesn’t want the child does not automatically make that child valueless, and the fact that you actually said that honestly gives me the creeps.

In conclusion, it is impossible to both be pro-choice and to believe that all humans are valuable. The arguments for the right to abortion state that a child’s caregiver should determine a child’s value and its very right to live. Unless you concede that humans are not inherently valuable, and that the strong should always have the right to destroy the weak when they so desire, any argument for the right to abortion ends in irrational contradiction.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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