I swear anti-choicers get up in the morning and wonder how they can embarrass themselves.

PP is not selling baby parts, they are charging $30-$100 for the storage and transportation of fetal tissue (donated with the patients’s consent) to organisations that will use it to attempt to find cures and treatments for illnesses.

The fact that all you’re doing is spreading lies (that have been debunked already) and doing so with an emotionally manipulate tactic like using an infant as the cover photo instead of a fetus says a lot about your movement. If you can’t spread your “message” without trying to illicit some type of emotional reaction, I would suggest other ways.


Debunked already? Hardly.

WHY IS IT that Cecile Richards’ continues to rely on the accusation that the videos are highly edited? As if editing is somehow inherently wrong and largely ignoring the full unedited versions which were made available at the same time? 

Why does Cecile feel the need to make false defamatory claims against David Daleiden? If Planned Parenthood is simply transporting fetal tissue, why bother with assault on someone’s character? 

Why is StemExpress so eager to hide video of a luncheon that The Center for Medical Progress has? Turns out it’s not just baby body parts but INTACT fetuses that are up for discussion. 

Why does the National Abortion Federation feel the need for a court order to prevent the airing of a video, (acquired from a judge who just happens to be one of Obama’s financial supporters)? 

Nothing to hide? All above board? Then why bother with any effort to silence the messenger?

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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