I am working to not only make abortion illegal, I am working to make abortion UNTHINKABLE. Many women today have been consumed by the cancer of abortion ideology. They have bought into the lie that the path to equality must be paved with the mangled bodies of their unborn children. The reality is that women hold the true power – the power of reproduction. They hold the keys to the survival of our species and they need to leverage their power, not destroy it. In many cases, men drive women to abortion, both literally and figuratively. Why women tolerate this distortion of their position in society I will never know. True feminism respects a woman’s power to conceive, protect, and birth new human life, not destroy it.

*throws up*

Exactly. We’re going to raise the next generation- but we want to raise them right. Would you want a broke 14 year old with an abusive boyfriend who lives in a trailer park to raise a child? Would you want a 27 year old crack head with no family and 10 boyfriends to raise a baby? How about alcoholics or even a 12 year old who was raped by her father or a neighbour? Some people don’t have stable mothers and fathers to raise the child for them and some people don’t have the life fit for a baby. And the pro-life team’s response for that is “then don’t have sex if you’re not ready for a baby”? LiKE THATs GOIng TO STOp IT FRoM HAPPENING? You have to think about situations like that before you eliminate the only back back back up plan for those people.

There are several problems with this ‘analysis’ of the necessity of abortion…

1. Only extreme examples are given, yet the vast majority of children are killed in the womb for convenience and for the maintenance of selfish lifestyle choices.

2. Adoption, as usual, is never mentioned as an option.

3. Killing a child should never be someone’s ‘back-up’ plan. Abortion is not a contraceptive as the child has already been conceived. Abortion kills a living human being.

4. The reasons listed for killing children in the womb also apply to killing newborns or toddlers. Sadly, if killing post-born children were legal, there would be Planned Parenthoods all over the country accommodating that ‘choice’.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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