Another boy. A phrase that should have been reserved for the moment when a boy is lovingly welcomed into this world. Not hijacked by cruelty. I will lose followers for saying this, so be it. But I can’t sit back and not say anything. I just can’t. This boy had a mother, a father, a future, dignity. He deserved love, protection, care. When our nation sinks to the level that we can sift through the disowned and dismembered parts of a once whole and precious life without emotion, without sorrow, without revulsion, then we have sunk to the lowest level of humanity – a level where we no longer care about or look after our own kind. He was someone, he could have had a full life – regardless of whatever situation he or his mom was in. I believe life and love can ALWAYS find a way. But he never even got a chance for find out! He is just #anotherboy. Like the millions of other little boys that won’t ever get a chance at life, or love, or happiness.

When he was conceived, when his heart beat, when his gender was distinguishable, whenever it was, he was viable and alive and human. Now, he is dead, torn apart by tools, ready to be sold as body parts (btw an ILLEGAL practice under federal law) Guys, honestly, how is this ok?! I am not hateful, I don’t want to take away anyone’s rights (we have too much of that going around unfortunately. Including this little baby.), I am just so so sad that this is happening and so many people don’t know or don’t care. Don’t believe this is happening? Watch it for yourself:

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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