I’m unbelievably frustrated watching Grey’s Anatomy where Addison shares that she had an abortion and the conclusion of the episode is that Mark learns to accept it because they both know he would’ve made a terrible father. Yes let’s end the life of an innocent human being because one of their parents can’t step up and become responsible enough to raise them. This is what I hate most about abortion. Besides being absolutely unhumane and cruel, the innocent are punished by death and there is no equality and no justice. All thanks to the entire concept of abortion on demand. The unborn do not have any rights whatsoever and it makes my blood boil. The pro choice community truly believes that death which is eternal unlike life circumstances is a better option for the poor, disabled, underprivileged unborn rather than growing up with a not so perfect life. My dad was an abusive, terrible father himself who was basically absent the first years of my life but I am so grateful I wasn’t punished for his mistakes and aborted. Even when the road got bumpy many times and I’ve tried to commit suicide or wished I was dead, I am thankful my mom allowed me to live. And that I alone have a choice to decide that for my own life, to decide if it’s worth living or not. Unfortunately there are many who will never get that chance.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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