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[language warning] this is basically the logic of the pro-choice argument right there

No pro choice is being able to choose what you believe Is Best for your body. With so many women in so many situations it wouldnt be fair to ban abortion to every one regardless of situation. Pro choice is not pro abortion. Pro choice is for those who might lose their life carrying a child. Pro choice is for those whos child might have a fatal problem. Pro choice Is for women who might pass an illness to the fetus. Pro choice is for women who deserve the right to their own body. I said it once and I’ll say it again pro choice is not pro abortion

Actually, major pro-choice organizations are pro-abortion. Planned Parenthood does almost no adoption referrals and they don’t provide women with any other options except abortion.

But okay, let’s say, for a minute, that this is true. First of all, women who are in situations in which they need treatments for illnesses that may harm their unborn baby should absolutely be put first. If the child dies as a side effect of treatment, that’s an unfortunate situation but it’s not abortion because the child isn’t being killed directly. I am in no way saying that women shouldn’t be treated if they are pregnant or that, if the child dies as a result of treatment, that’s really the same thing. I’ve heard of women putting off cancer treatments for their unborn babies but in the end, that’s a decision she has to make as to her own treatment for her medical problem. Sometimes the child cannot be saved and if that’s the case, the woman should be the priority.

As for the other issues, those make up an incredibly small percentage of abortions. Even if those exceptions were allowed, they wouldn’t factor very much into the bigger picture here.

Women do deserve the rights to their own bodies, whether born or preborn. All people deserve the rights to their own bodies. “Pro-choice” advocates for a woman to destroy another body, a body that isn’t hers. So it isn’t her right to decide whether or not her child should live.

cultureshift (and any other pro-life blogs who follow me), did I miss anything? I’m usually not big on responding to this kinda thing but this needed to be said.

katemarie999, you did a great job defending our unborn sons and daughters. I will simply add one quote from the video that demonstrates the ignorance that drives unintelligent people to support the holocaust being waged on preborn human beings…

“That is not what a fetus looks like, okay, it’s a clump of cells at twelve weeks…it does not look like that, it’s a clump of mother-fucking cells.”

Each of us once looked just like this child, including the vile abortion advocate shown in the above video. Education is the key to ending the tragedy of human abortion. Never stop spreading the truth.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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