After getting the recommendation from about 300 people and being too stubborn and afraid of the unknown to actually look into it, I finally checked Patreon and realized that it’s actually absurdly better than my current method of receiving story donations. So I set one up.

Pretty much how it works is that the stories are still free to read, but you can pledge to donate a certain amount every time a new one comes up (with a limit by month if you want to make sure you don’t go over your budget – that’s an important thing to remember since stories are generally released weekly and I don’t want anyone to think they’re pledging $5 a month and then find out it’s actually $20. You get gifts from me if you pledge certain amounts, you can find out about that on the page. 

Friends, since I ended up needing to start maternity leave early, writing is going to be my only source of income to support myself and baby Finn until as late as October. This is so much better and more trustworthy than Paypal so PLEASE, if you like Jester’s Athenaeum, make a pledge if you have the means and even if you don’t, signal boost this so that other people might! 

EVERY LITTLE BIT COUNTS. $1 per story (or even per month!) may not seem significant but if every reader pledged just that much, then combined it would probably be enough for us to make it through the next two months!

I love you all, many thanks. <3

This single mother is currently cradling her son in her womb, but will soon be cradling him in her arms. She is actually a world-class writer and her stories are stunning. Amazingly, if you pledge $5.00 per story, she will write a story just for you on any subject you desire. How many authors do you know that will do that? Help this mother and her child make it through this difficult time.

What an amazing opportunity to impact your world.

Please support Jester’s Athenaeum, Marie Bellamont, and her tiny baby dragon child!

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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