Two years ago, I became actively pro-life. At that time, there were four abortion facilities in Austin, Texas, where I live. One Planned Parenthood, one Whole Woman’s Health (a notoriously dangerous Texas-based chain), and two independent facilities.

That same summer, Texas passed a state law banning abortions after 20 weeks and increasing the standards for abortion facilities. It was Wendy Davis’ filibuster of that law, ironically, that made me sit up and pay attention to the killing of preborn children not only in my country, but in my state and city.

Now, two years later, I’ve just gotten word that after this week we will only have one abortion facility in Austin. Over the last two years, one abortion facility closed (the Whole Woman’s Health) and another has stopped committing abortions (one of the independent facilities, where the abortionist and his wife lived in the facility – shudder).

After this week, another independent abortion facility will stop committing abortions, leaving us with only one – the Planned Parenthood – on which we can focus our efforts.

I am so excited. Two years after I realized I needed to do something, we are so, SO close to abolishing abortion in the Austin area.

I invite you to celebrate with me, and to thank God for sparing so many of the preborn children in Texas.

I also invite you to look at your own communities. Where can you focus your efforts? I pray that some day every single community will be abortion-free. But God does not call us to sit by. He calls us to pray, and He also calls us to stand up and speak.

We will abolish abortion. We’re already well on our way!

Great. So now women will be having unsafe, unprofessional abortions that will be a hazard to the mother as well. Awesome. Cool.

The abortions were already unsafe, for the mother and more so the child. Now we can limit how many children are torn apart inside their mothers’ wombs.

Abortions have been proven to be a safe medical procedure. In most cases it’s basically an induced miscarriage, and if abortion were truly as dangerous as it’s made out to be, women would also be frequently dying of miscarriages. The most risk you have in abortion is when a vacuum is used inside the womb, and there is a possibility of perforation of the uterus, which isn’t that harmful anyway.

1. Abortion is fatal for the preborn human child.

2. Miscarriages can be dangerous for women. Women often go to the hospital if they’re miscarrying. There are two problems:
2a: abortion facilities don’t like word getting out that they’re hurting women, so some have actually been caught waiting hours to call 911 when something goes wrong to make sure there are no pro-lifers outside to see the ambulance come in.
2b: natural miscarriages are usually due to something being wrong with the baby. In those, there’s less trauma to the woman’s body because her body essentially rejects the baby or the baby rejects her body.

3. Uterus perforation can cause excessive bleeding, but long-term it can also cause scarring that might cause future miscarriages if the woman becomes pregnant again.

4. RU-486 carries a risk of hemorrhage, and since the woman is usually at home she may not know at what point she needs to go to the hospital.

5. Because it bears repeating, abortion is fatal to the preborn child.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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