Anti-abortion extremists are domestic terrorists. Stop hurting people. End your terror campaign.


Imagine an innocent little girl locked in a dark room, blind and defenseless. A little girl who is unprotected by the law, in fact, who is legal to kill on demand. There is only one door into this room and it is protected by a single guardian – the one who possess the legal power to destroy her. Now imagine that her protector has abandoned her responsibility and has allowed the most vicious and depraved monster known to our dark world full access to this door, full access to this little girl.

Once this monster is adequately paid, his terror is unleashed on her fragile body. He pries the door open just enough to squeeze his instruments of death into her room – into her mother’s womb. His first task is to puncture her amniotic sac, draining the fluid essential to sustaining her life, sealing her fate as this fluid flows from her mother’s vagina. He then pushes razor sharp blades through her mother’s cervix and begins to cut and scrape at her life support, initiating her suffocation. He then reaches in with serrated forceps, blindly grasping at her arms and legs. Once found, he clamps down on her limbs and twists them from her torso, extracting them one at a time. Once he has removed her limbs, he proceeds to gut her torso, collecting her internal organs in a bucket as they slide out of her mother’s body. Finally, he must feel around in the darkness with his forceps until he firmly grasps her head between his clamps. He then squeezes hard, until he feels her skull crush and observes the white matter of her brain slowly ooze out.

warren hern dismemberment

This is real terrorism, where real people get hurt — and die.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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