The Pro-Life Atheist sign illuminated the extreme wrong in assuming that being pro-life means being anti-LGBT rights. That assumption is based in another presumption: All who are pro-life are religious. It attaches the label ‘pro-life’ to a certain type of person: a ‘Jesus freak’ who has no true intelligent basis in his or her belief other than “the Bible says so.” It likens us to those who stood outside of the Supreme Court holding signs reading ‘God said marriage is between one man and one woman.’ It furthers the stigma that being pro-life is based entirely in religion and lacks any universally recognizable reasoning or intelligence — that it’s purely emotional, ignorant and outdated.

But when asked, I’d support my belief not with a Bible verse but with what I see as fundamental, secular logic and morality: Every life has equal dignity.

Whether it is a life that’s just begun in the womb or a life that identifies as queer — each one deserves full and complete dignity.
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From cultureshift:  Pro-life, pro-equal rights, pro-humanity atheist here. Abortion is not about religion, it’s about human rights. Ultimately, it’s about one class of humans having the legal power to destroy a subclass of humans. We’ve tried this several times throughout our often cruel history, always with the same results: the mass slaughter of living human beings.

Abortion will kill 120,000 little boys and girls today alone.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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