You definitely could! I think it’s important for people in that profession to listen to their patients and mimic the terms the patients use for their pregnancy, whether it be “fetus”, “baby”, “nugget”, etc., the patient deserves to feel comfortable in their care, and I know how uncomfortable it can feel when someone refers to your pregnancy as something else!

Your ‘nurse’ referred to the child you slaughtered as a baby because that is exactly what he or she was, a baby human being – that you killed.


The former embryo behind pro-choice-and-pro-voice is supporting your cruel act by enabling your self delusion. Abortion is simply a euphemism for killing. No amount of patting you on the back will ever change the fact that you destroyed your own child’s life. If you ever wake up from your self delusion, contact me. I will be the first to help you heal and to help you share your story of pain and regret. Don’t let your child’s death forever be in vain.

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I had an abortion and I\'m fine, everything went smoothly, recovering now but one thing, the nurse at the planned parenthood I went to referred the embryo as a baby multiple times when explaining things. She called it its scientific name a few times but I just thought it was strange for a nurse to call it a baby to someone who\'s getting an abortion? Idk. Should I mention this in my follow up appointment?

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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