How can someone look at their mother and say “She had every right to kill me in her womb if she so desired but I would support her choice to do that”?  You could be dead, non-existent, and your life would not have made the impact it has on others if they never got to meet you.  And even if you think you are a horrible person who’d done bad things to good people, you can’t say with certainty that someone else wouldn’t have taken your place.  You were never a parasitic worm or a mass of unformed cells: you were a human just as you are human now and will continue to be human.

You are a human being with worth and dignity from your conception to your death; no one has the right to kill you at any stage of life for any reason.  Gay, straight, black, Hispanic, white, man, woman, child, embryo, blind, able-bodied, liberal, conservative, it doesn’t matter: you have worth because you are human.  Don’t you ever forget that, and don’t you ever let anyone else forget that either, not even the woman who gave birth to you.

Funny because I did once look to my abortion-loving birth mother and say “You never owned me… and you’re vile for thinking you once did.” 

and I don’t regret it. It felt good after years of being reminded of how close I came to not being here. 

I want every single person to know that your value is not based on how one person feels about you, even if that one person is your mother, the one who is supposed to know everything. 

They don’t know your worth if they’re so willing to deny it. Because someone else will see it. 

(Sorry for such a long add-on. Just thought it was important.) 

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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