“what made you think that the abortion of foetuses physically harms them in any way”

How does it not? It’s literally the act of destroying their bodies and taking their life. You’re saying ‘physically’ harms but abortion is the top-level of physical harm there is!  

^ Don’t click the link above if you’re gore-sensitive. But there you can see a preborn human whose body has literally been ripped apart into separate pieces in the name of someone else’s ‘body autonomy’. 

But if you simply misworded and you actually meant ‘pain’… WHO CARES?

I don’t believe it’s okay to take a human life just because they can’t feel it. That’d be insane. 

Here’s the main reason why abortion is so wrong. This has nothing to do with pain or sentience. 

Here is a really ugly chart I found displaying the human lifespan from when it begins (conception) to when it ends (death).

In it you will see all the points of life this female life in the chart is to experience. In this you see her becoming a baby, meeting her family, getting her first glimpse at how beautiful the world is. 

Next you see her become a child, learning, growing at the speed of life, making her first friendships. Still feeling the wonder of a new life. 

Next, a teenager. Making a few mistakes, maybe experiencing her first love, first heartbreak, etc. 

An adult. Truly able to experience all of life at this point if she tries. Maybe she’ll explore the world. Maybe she’ll stay and have a family of her own? 

Elder. Of course the word wisdom comes to mind. The wisdom of a full life and all that she has experienced. 

and finally, death with a full life lived. 

Now let’s see what abortion does in an equally ugly chart courtesy of yours-truly.

ALL those experiences stolen from them. Billions of moments that should have been truly felt, gone. 

At conception, they’ve begun to live. That lifespan above is laid out for them should they reach it safely. That’s all it takes for them to have all these experiences, safety. 

But abortion takes the life of this already living human being and cuts it so short. 

Think about it. When someone dies young, is it a tragedy because of the physical pain they may have felt? (Not that that’s not a factor).

Or is it a tragedy because of the future that was taken from them?

Nobody knows how ‘great’ that life would have been. But it’s a tragedy that they’ve lost it. 

This is the harm that I know is caused by abortion. This is what I’m working to stop by pushing safe alternatives. 

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Hey im a strong believer in \'pro-choice\' and also a member and supporter of the lgbt+ community and i want to ask what made you think that the abortion of foetuses physically harms them in any way, and if you do have evidence towards your point could you please present that information?

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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