Mother’s don’t grow ‘its’ in their wombs, they grow human beings just like you. You did not deserve more rights than your mother while you were awaiting your birth, you deserved the SAME rights as your mother.

As mammals, we evolved to replenish ourselves through sexual reproduction. Two members of our species are required to create a new member. Each contribute 23 sets of instructions that are combined to write a new set consisting of all 46. This new set results in a process known as ‘growing’ and this growing occurs within one of the contributing members. That member is known as a female. We did not design this system, it evolved this way, or if you are religious, you hold the belief that your god made it this way. Regardless of your understanding of the origin of this process, it is beyond our control and it is as fair as any other natural process. Is it fair that the Moon must orbit the Earth and the Earth must orbit the Sun? It’s not fair nor unfair, it’s simply the way it is. A woman cannot attain equality with a man by killing the child living within her womb. This is unfair to the child, who did not ask to be conceived but is simply following natural law by ‘orbiting’ his or her mother.

All humans are naturally equal, no matter their stage of life. The selfishness and inhumanity of some have skewed what nature intended, resulting in the inequality of the preborn. Now do you understand?

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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