Yes. Bitch.

>child is 50% father’s DNA

>consented to sex with said father

>implying “no uterus, no opinion”

>”This kid is mine.”

>implying you own the kid like property

>implying the kid is part of your body and not an individual human being

>acting as if there’s no other options but abortion

This gifset is so sad I can’t even finish.


This is the epitome of selfishness on every single level. Plus he clearly wants the baby, and she’s taking that away from him.

>Implying that its impossible to work to have both kids and an active career

Especially with someone who is willing to raise the child with her. My mother raised my brother and me by herself, and she was on her way to being a manager at a store before she was injured. And we’re not even up there in class, so don’t you dare give me the “oh, well, it’s because you were wealthy/privileged ‘n stuff :U” excuse.

this is actually p misogynistic in a handful of ways

Wow I can’t wait until it’s no longer taboo for fathers to protect their unborn children. 

“This kid is mine…I’m the only one who can make a decision [to kill them]…I can’t abandon all of my dreams for a child.”

Abortion is pathetic, cruel, selfish, depraved, and inhuman. Abortion kills a living human being and we are letting it happen all around us. When will we finally take a stand to end the slaughter of our innocent children? How many more must die on our watch?

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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