A Comparison Of Two Philosophies

This is a photo of the last public execution held in the United States of America, circa 1936. It demonstrates the dark heart of man, a heart that not only tolerates the killing of unwanted human beings, but celebrates it. Abortion and the death penalty share a common goal — they both seek to destroy human beings who are considered less valuable than other human beings. Remember, the human being that was killed this day was once a preborn child. If he had been killed by his mother during this ‘modern’ era of abortion, his death would be celebrated as a woman’s right to choose. Just as his killing by the state was celebrated by the people in this photo. Whether guilty of a crime or ‘guilty’ of violating his mother’s ‘bodily autonomy’, he was still human and still held an inalienable right to life.

The death penalty helps to enable abortion by sending the message that the value of a human life can be measured. The philosophies driving capital punishment and abortion are both founded on the premise that ‘unwanted’ human beings may be destroyed ‘on demand and without apology’.

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