Stateline to Join Growing Fleet of Mobile Units

by Rachel Leigh

Thanks to partnerships forged by ICU Mobile and Save the Storks with local pregnancy help organizations, a growing number of centers are hitting the road across the nation with a mobile unit of their own.

One of the latest pregnancy centers to join the ranks of mobile unit operators is the Stateline Pregnancy Clinic of Beloit, Wis., which serves a community of just under 40,000 at the southern portion of the Wisconsin, spilling into northern Illinois.

“So many clients are in the 90th percentile of poverty,” Executive Director Marybeth Karstaedt said. “Even though the city isn’t very big, there’s a bit of disparity between east and west side.”

With a mobile unit at its disposal, Stateline Pregnancy Center hopes to more effectively reach lower income women, bringing ultrasound and pregnancy testing services to their doorstep.

After deciding to go mobile, Stateline was able to raise all the necessary funds in one evening at a banquet in April of 2014. It was quite a step—especially for an organization that almost closed its doors only a few years ago.

Since hiring Karstaedt in 2010, the Clinic has seen a 350 percent increase in its clients.

At Stateline, as with many organizations, the desire to reach a previously unreached group with the “window to the womb” has set the wheels in motion to take their services to the street via mobile ultrasound.

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