Hello friend, I’m in a bit of a bad situation right now and would really appreciate some assistance. You can definitely help without spending any money, so please take a minute to read this post!

What’s going on is that I am expecting a baby in August. His name is Finn and he’s adorable. Here’s a picture:


Obviously that’s an ultrasound, since he won’t be born for 2-3 more months, so you can’t really see his face or anything. Trust me, though, he’s adorable. His dad, unfortunately, got on some heavy drugs and took off when I was about four months pregnant and since he’s now a homeless drug addict who has disappeared into the great beyond, he is useless to do anything to help with this baby.

Which leaves me a single mother. I currently live with two roommates which keeps the cost of living affordable, but they need to move in August and I’m unable to come with them. Therefore I need to get a new apartment by August, which you may recall is the month that my precious baby child is due. Obviously, I need to be moved and have my place set up BEFORE Finn makes his grand entrance into the world, which means I’m pretty limited on time.

In case that wasn’t all fun enough, I’m a waitress. This is especially bad because since it’s a physical job that requires me to be on my feet for my entire shifts, there are only so many hours I can work at seven months pregnant. Plus, I will be medically obligated to go on maternity leave after Finn is born so there will be an entire month that I am physically unable to work. At the same time that I will be moving into my new apartment and paying more for rent.

My saving grace is that I write short comedy stories which are free to read BUT I do take donations on the site where I post them. I need to supplement my income with those donations in order to survive, especially in my current situation. The only problem is that my stories and website are still mostly undiscovered and lack of readers/views = lack of donations.

So please check out my stories and donate if you can, or signal boost and encourage others to do the same. Even if you aren’t personally able to spare anything (and I understand that money’s tight for almost everyone) just visiting the website or spreading the word would help immensely in getting me closer to making enough on donations to afford the basic costs of living, at least up until I’m able to return to a normal number of working hours.

If you wouldn’t mind helping out, it would really mean a lot to me (and my baby son, once he’s old enough to understand the concept of gratitude.)


You are a testament to what it takes to be a mother to a child – dedication and sacrifice. You are a hero and you deserve the support of your entire human family. PLEASE set up a GoFundMe account and send me your link, I will do all I can to spread the word. GoFundMe is a much better platform than PayPal for raising funds. Also, set up a baby registry at a national online retailer and post the link. I have personally bought cribs, strollers, diapers, bottles, clothes, and toys for mothers like you whom I have never met and I know others have as well. I know you have a strong work ethic, and I respect that. But you also have a responsibility to care for your child, a responsibility shared by all of us. It takes a village to raise a child and we must all do our part.

I wish you the best of luck. Just remember, people who work hard seem to be luckier than those who don’t. And your and Finn’s future is looking very lucky — and bright!

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