“Self-care is not about self-indulgence, it’s about self-preservation.” – Audrey Lorde

Never let someone tell you abortion is selfish. People have their reasons for wanting or needing an abortion.

Wha….. HOW is abortion NOT selfish???? You are literally EXTINGUISHING another person’s LIFE just so they won’t “get in the way” of how you want to live yours….. How is that anything BUT selfish??

Selfishness is the root cause of abortion. Abortion says ‘I sacrifice another for the good of myself’. Love says ‘I sacrifice myself for the good of another’.

so when my sister had to get an abortion when she was a teenager and was so unhealthy that the doctor told her if she remained pregnant she would die, she was being selfish?? really? a young girl not wanting to die from pregnancy is selfish?

when a pregnant girl died because the ban on abortion meant she couldn’t get the lifesaving chemotherapy she needed, she was being selfish?? wanting chemotherapy so you won’t die is selfish?? 

some people cannot financially afford a pregnancy. getting an abortion isn’t selfish because you need money to live. if you can’t afford a healthy pregnancy, then you’re putting your own health at a serious risk. for the millions of people living without health insurance, this can be incredibly unaffordable. it is not selfish to want financial stability.

some people are not physically healthy enough to remain pregnant. as in, if they get pregnant, they could die. it is not selfish to want to survive.

being pregnant can mean losing your job. it is unrealistic to expect parents (especially single ones) to raise a child while having no reliable income. it is not selfish to have employment.

young girls get raped and become pregnant. if they can’t get an abortion, they risk serious health problems (even death), and can even be forced to remain with their rapist. it is not selfish for 11 year old girls to try and escape their rapist.

just because someone doesn’t want horrible things to happen to them doesn’t mean they’re being selfish. similarly, am i considered selfish just because i haven’t donated all of my blood? no. in fact, i don’t even fit the donation requirements. does that (my existence) make me selfish? no.  let’s actually look at the word for a sec:


getting an abortion doesn’t mean you’re behaving in a way that lacks consideration for others. trying to avoid death doesn’t mean you’re inconsiderate.

plus, let’s consider the fact that not everyone who gets an abortion wants one. maybe someone really loves kids and wants this baby so freaking badly, but they’re in such bad health that they can’t? or that they’re experiencing such economic hardship that they don’t want their baby to starve to death?

selfishness is not the root cause of abortion. survival is.


First, you need to understand that treatment for a dying pregnant mother that results in the loss of her wanted child is NOT ELECTIVELY INDUCED ABORTION.

The Dublin Declaration on Maternal Healthcare:

As experienced practitioners and researchers in obstetrics and gynaecology, we affirm that direct abortion – the purposeful destruction of the unborn child – is not medically necessary to save the life of a woman.

We uphold that there is a fundamental difference between abortion, and necessary medical treatments that are carried out to save the life of the mother, even if such treatment results in the loss of life of her unborn child.

We confirm that the prohibition of abortion does not affect, in any way, the availability of optimal care to pregnant women.

Now, a few counter examples to demonstrate courage vs cowardice, strength vs weakness, and what it means to sacrifice for your child instead of sacrificing your child

California mother with bone cancer chooses giving birth to baby girl over chemo treatment …now she has only months to live  It is selfless for a mother to place the life of her child before her own.

How You Can Afford A Baby: 10 Money Saving Tips  Financial stability is different than not wanting to change your lifestyle.

Maternity Leave  Though we need to do more to provide paid leave during pregnancy and childbirth, many companies do provide this benefit, to include federal and state governments (federal workers, state workers, the military).

Robyn McLean, an adoptee who became pregnant by rape, and is joyful in raising her precious son alongside her wonderful husband  A child conceived through rape is still a child with an inalienable right to life.

Rebecca Kiessling, Conceived in Rape  The manner of one’s conception does not determine one’s value as a human being.

Ashley became pregnant by rape and deeply regrets aborting.  Her mission is to share her story as a pro-life speaker and writer in the hopes that others will not only choose life, but so that rape victims will no longer be used to justify abortions  Killing your child, even when conceived through rape, is wrong.

Abortion is the very lack of concern for the needs of others – specifically for the needs of the child clinging to life by their umbilical cord. Pro-choice is, “I know what’s best for ME ME ME”. Pro-life is, “I know what’s best for my child”.

Abortion is selfish, cruel, depraved, and inhuman, as are those who support its practice as a way to destroy the ‘unwanted’ and the ‘unloved’ among us. Abortion is simply the strong exercising power over the weak and the vulnerable. It is the ultimate form of bullying and the deadliest example of child abuse imaginable. I simply can’t make it more clear than this.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.


  1. All 50 states have a “Safe Haven” law. You can give birth at the hospital and tell the nurse that you are leaving the baby with the hospital and then walk out the door. No one can stop you, it is 100% legal in all 50 states. The hospital will take care of your baby. To have an abortion means that you simply want your baby dead rather than alive.

    Cultureshift is correct, abortion is depraved beyond doubt and cruel beyond imagining.


  2. Elizabeth Guillen March 12, 2019 at 9:53 pm

    Cultureshift has shown many examples as to why abortion is not the right choice. I know many young girls as well as college students and even married women have sought to have an abortion. I know 4. Now three of the four still miss their child deeply, and the fourth was fortunate to have her child because while they were were getting her ready by signing papers. She saw these women coming out after their abortions were done, she saw them as in pain and not as healthy as when they went in. She chose to leave and is now wife and a mother of five. This mother said “They would do whatever it takes to keep her children, and to keep them happy & healthy” . Cultureshift is one of the best sites to go on in order to teach pregnant women what it means to be a mom. Love your site.


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