My abortion went wonderfully; the doctors were kind and understanding, the nurses were helpful, everything really went swimmingly :3 and now that I can continue my life child-free, I am relieved. But I’ll have to bid you adieu for now, I’m going to watch a movie with my partner.


You’re practically gloating about the fact that you ordered the death of a child today. Why? Why are you proud of that?

Your individual, unique child was brutally torn apart by powerful suction. The abortionist or the assistants pieced together your baby’s body parts and counted them to make sure no arm or leg or head was left behind.

You are still a mother. You’re now a mother who asked a doctor to kill her child.


I am often chastised by my fellow pro-life advocates for confronting mothers who have killed their prenatal children. Even though I only confront those who share their cowardly act with the world in an effort to destigmatize abortion, they still turn their backs on me. Coddling those who champion for the slaughter of our preborn sons and daughters is a misguided and ineffective attempt to win their hearts and minds. This strategy has failed for over forty years and has directly led to the deaths of over 58,000,000 American children. They fail to understand that evil must be confronted HEAD ON without fear or trepidation. This mother of a now mangled baby is proud of her inhuman act. She is spreading the news of her dead baby as though she had given birth, as though there was something to celebrate. She couldn’t be more wrong.

Let’s reflect on her child’s short life…

7 Week Human EmbryoFollowing their conception, they began to rapidly grow thanks to the warmth and nourishment provided by their mother. Spending each passing hour in what should be the safest place on Earth, they thrived. Locked in the closest embrace possible between two human beings, they flourished. Like a beautiful flower budding from a stem, they bloomed. Amidst all this beauty, the miracle of their life was brutally stripped away. While clinging to their mother through their umbilical cord, their humanity was erased, their mother’s love forever denied. Abandoned to a world so cruel and barbaric that they couldn’t even be granted the sacrifice of nine months of protection in trade for decades of knowing the sun on their face, the wind in their hair, and the love of a family.

Abortion is the ultimate act of human selfishness. It is a cancer eating away at the very fabric of our society. It robs us of our humanity and teaches our children that human life is expendable. That we can trade the life of another for our own convenience and comfort.

To the little one forever abandoned by their mother and their human family, I love you. Your life was important and I will never let you be forgotten. You mattered to me and because of you I will work even harder to save the lives of those scheduled to die today. Because of you, others will live. You did not die in vain.

Healing the Pain.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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