Abortion not only robs us of our beautiful little girls, it robs us of our humanity. Visit the Invisible Girl Project to learn more. 

Uhm no, you asshat, that is not the war on women at ALL. The war on women is morons like you trying to abolish abortion and take our reproductive rights away.

Abortion on little girls simply for being girls is not a “war on women.” You heard it here first, people! Little girls being aborted and subject to infanticide is not a war on women, making sure that human lives are protected and saved and promoting a culture where abortion is unthinkable because it ends a human life is. Someone’s a moron here, and it’s not cultureshift.

Oh look, another idiot! Most abortions are performed long before gender is determined.

Do you even KNOW what infanticide is? Infanticide is the murder of an infant at ot shortly after birth. A fetus isn’t born nor is it sentinent.

Get your shit together before you hop on my blog and correct me.


@nicolexrawr, your stunning display of ignorance has provided yet another opportunity for the pro-life community to demonstrate the refusal of ‘pro-choice’ activists to educate themselves about their beloved abortion and the atrocities it has enabled.

If you had bothered to visit the Invisible Girl Project website, you would have had your questions answered without having to personally attack those attempting to call attention to the tragedy of gendercide, which is absolutely a war on women. From the Invisible Girl Project:

Today, millions of girls and women are discriminated against and murdered, just because they are female. More than fifty-million girls and women in India have been killed because of gender in the past century. That is more people than were killed in the Holocaust, more than any other modern-day genocide. This is where the term GENDERCIDE is derived. Gendercide (genocide against a specific gender group) is the systematic, mass killing of girls and women. Gendercide exists today. It is most prevalent in India and China. In these two countries combined, the annual number of sex-selective abortions of girls is higher than the number of girls born each year in the United States. In India, sex-selective abortion, or feticide, is illegal. But, the justice system does not work for unborn girls. And, although the laws are in place, because they are not upheld, it is estimated that 700,000 girls are aborted every year. On average, one girl is aborted in India every minute, just because she is female. This discrimination also continues beyond the womb. Infanticide (the murder of a baby girl) is another form of deadly gender bias that exists today. Families may kill their own baby girl, because they desired a son. Infanticide is so widely practiced in some areas of India, that the mortality rate for girls between the ages of 1-5 is 75% higher than the mortality rate for boys of the same age.

You see, these girls are killed AFTER their sex is determined, meaning they are brutally slaughtered in gruesome late-term abortions, all while ‘feminists’ do nothing to protect them.

Oh, “get your shit together before you hop on my blog and correct me.”

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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