It’s unimaginable and disgusting that this happens to children that don’t even understand what’s happening to them.


This is why feminism is important. For females to be seen as equal, to be able to make decisions for themselves, to protect themselves. And lourdes is only a girl, even. Where is her rights to retain her childhood?


Notice how all the pro-lifers are totally silent on this post?


There are 310,000+ notes. You sure none of them are pro-life?

This situation is horrendous. The obvious solution is to allow the baby to be adopted.

And to emasculate her baby’s father with a rusty bear trap.


How come this post doesn’t mention this girl being sexually abused/raped at such a young age why isn’t that a damn issue? So only the baby is the problem not her being abused sexually/raped, just the baby is the problem is what I’m gathering from this petition image here. As long as she can have an abortion it’s alright for her to be abused/raped?How about we stop the damn problem where it starts which is sexual abuse and rape.


Right? If we eliminate the person who was responsible for abusing and taking advantage of her to begin with, she wouldn’t have gotten pregnant and this petition wouldn’t even be a thing.


So I got curious about this and started googling this story and I just could not find anything other than posts from Amnesty International saying it happened. Then I just searched “Pregnant 9 year old El Salvador” and here it is from 2003.


So the pro-life group in El Salvador took her and her baby in and AWAY from her abusive home AND was trying to get DNA evidence to find and try her rapist (possibly the stepdad) while American feminists in 2015 try to use her story to promote abortion. That’s disgusting.


Thank you for that. I love when people try to demonize pro-lifers but it’s usually THEM who actually go out and do things for women/girls who find themselves with a baby and need help.


It makes me so angry when people take someone’s story of abuse and pain and twist it to their own agenda. This girl was abused. She was mistreated in the worst way. Against all odds, a new human life was created within this little girl.

And some people think the best solution would be to go inside this girl’s body and destroy the new life.

Instead, the baby was delivered and pro-lifers are caring for both this girl and her baby, and are trying to ensure her abusers are brought to justice.

Note: they’re caring for her after the baby is born.

So much for “you only care about fetuses” and “you don’t care for women after they’re born”.

The pro-choice answer to this girl’s situation was to kill her baby. The pro-life answer was to care for her and her baby, get both of them out of the situation, and prosecute the rapist.


Amnesty International is the world’s leading advocate for killing human beings in the womb. So much for human rights.

These resources for pregnant mothers who need the support of their human family were not provided by Amnesty International, they are provided by the pro-life movement. Who truly cares about women?

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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