I am not lying, you are just refusing to accept the truth of what Planned Parenthood is: an American corporation whose business model depends on the government sanctioned and subsidized slaughter of preborn children. From Matt Walsh

Out of all the lies that stream like rivers of blood and sewage from corporate Planned Parenthood, the worst, most brazen, most obvious, and most influential has been this one: “Only three percent of Planned Parenthood’s services are abortion.”

You’ve heard that one a time or two, haven’t you? I bet, regardless of how thoroughly I debunk such silliness right now, several people will still reiterate the statistic in the comments below. That’s because the line is just that — a line. It’s something they say, and it gives abortion proponents something to repeat. They put it on the music sheet and their chorus sings right along. How many of them have taken the time to verify the claim? Not many. Probably less than three percent.

Planned Parenthood arrives at the “three percent” figure by employing a little bit of blatant misdirection. First, they “unbundle” their services. This means that a woman can go in and get an STD test, a pregnancy test, and some birth control, and Planned Parenthood will count this as three “services” performed. Next, they give all of their services the same weight. So if a young lady gets an abortion and then, on the way out the door, grabs a free condom, Planned Parenthood will say that she received two services, granting equal status to both. This would be like a car dealership selling 7 vehicles, as well as 7 sodas from the vending machine out front, and vaguely chalking it all up to “14 items sold” for the day. Then imagine them stating that selling cars only accounts for “50 percent” of their business, while the other half constitutes Diet Coke distribution.

The next step in the “3 percent” deception is just plain ol’ pants-on-fire-lyin’. Planned Parenthood brings in about a billion dollars a year. Half of that is from taxpayers, leaving around 500 million non-tax revenue. From that half, they make at least 150 million dollars a year by aborting around 330 thousand babies. That means abortions account for about 1/3 of their revenue, aside from the money given to them by Daddy Government. Abortions aren’t anywhere close to 3 percent of their business. Only in Abortion Candy Land (the worst board game concept ever) could you get away with saying that a third of your revenue amounts to 3 percent of your business.

But there are other things that come closer to that 3 percent figure. Adoption referrals, for instance. In its most recent report, Planned Parenthood boasts around 2 thousand adoption referrals, against 327 thousand abortions. That’s 1 adoption for every 149 abortions.

When someone says “abortion is only 3 percent of Planned Parenthood’s business,” what they’re actually saying is, well, nothing. That statement has no meaning and no basis in reality. If you were a business manager for a private company and you used the same sort of math, you’d be fired within hours. Unless you’re a business manager for Planned Parenthood, in which case you’ll be the national director by next month.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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