Humanists have a long history of being a secular voice of social justice and equality. A hallmark of Humanism is its emphasis on social justice and human rights.  Humanists have historically been defenders of the marginalized, and champions of human improvement for the betterment of humanity – both collectively and individually.

Pro-life Humanists affirms the biological evidence that the development of a human body is a continuum, and with exception of asexual reproduction (twining/cloning) begins at sperm-ovum fusion, when two human beings’ sexual cells form a distinctly new whole: an entity that will continue its development and growth until adult maturity, baring interruption from illness or violence. We oppose discrimination against biological humans on the grounds of what they look like and how they function, and we believe that abortion should be rejected on the same grounds as racism, sexism and ableism – which place greater importance on what the human entity does and looks like, than on what the entity in question actually is.

Pro-Life Humanists affirm the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in its decree that human rights belong to all members of the human family, and we believe that the right to life, as granted in article 3 of the Universal Declaration should apply to even the youngest and least developed members of our species. To deny any biological member of our species his or her basic right to continued existence is a violation of the very principles of equality and inclusiveness that are the foundation of Humanism.

Pro-Life Humanists affirm that women and their prenatal offspring are both human beings with inherent rights and bodily autonomy. Although these rights naturally conflict in pregnancy, it is ageist to assume that older and stronger humans automatically trump younger and more dependent ones. Parents are not obligated to do extreme things for their offspring, such as donate an organ or fund trips to Disney world, but they are obligated to provide basic care and sustenance to their dependents until  care can be passed on to another. Pregnancy is the only way members of our species can be cared for while they are in the fetal stage of human development.

Pro-Life Humanists is a haven for irreligious, atheist, agnostic or otherwise nontheist and secular-minded pro-lifers. We exclude no one and openly partner with any group or individual who will join us in articulating a secular defense against abortion. We exist to support secular individuals in their involvement in local pro-life activism, and to assist predominantly Christian groups and organizations in taking on a more secular approach.

Pro-Life Humanists is consistent in our defense of all preborn human beings and we refuse to discriminate against those conceived through the violence of rape. We generally embrace a “consistent life ethic “and while we hold no official positions, we engage in the discussion of relevant issues related to the treatment of humans and sentient beings overall. We recognize that not all pro-lifers hold the same convictions on rape/consistent life ethics etc and we will work with them to bring an end to the majority of abortions, which are elective, and upon which we do agree.

Pro-Life Humanists does not condone nor will we partner with any group or individual that advocates or performs acts of violence toward abortion providers or advocates. Violence is not ended with violence, it’s merely multiplied.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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