It makes me angry when the pro-choice side cites “bodily autonomy” as the most basic right.

What about life itself?

If life was a right there’d be no war, famine, homelessness or death penalty. All diseases would be fought constantly, healthcare would be 100% free, food would cost less than what it does now and guns would be illegal.

no but okay life itself fine
next time i need an organ (any organ, even a heart!) or a blood transfusion
you will be the first on my list. let’s see how quickly you start spewing “but my bodily autonomy!!”

There are several differences here.

First, in over 99% of cases, a pregnant person willingly participated in an action that led to the creation of a new life. Actions have consequences, and ending a human life should never be used as a solution.

Second, if I gave you a heart, I would die. If a pregnant person is expected to give birth to a baby, she would not (except for extreme cases) die. Pro-life advocates are not asking for pregnant people to give up their lives for the life of the fetus.

Third, a pregnant person is not obligated to permanently give any organs or body parts. Pregnancy is temporary (note: not easy, but temporary), while ending a human life is permanent. Giving an organ is also permanent, unlike pregnancy.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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