It is a sad place we have come to in our culture when people can actually boast about committing gendercide.

from Townhall:

Last night, I read this blog post and felt nauseous. It’s horrible. A woman named Lana admitted to aborting her child because she was going to have a boy. She also said if this “curse” returned (i.e. finding out she’s pregnant with a boy) she would do it again. This comes after she proudly states she has a healthy 1-year-old girl, who will “be just as strong and driven as her mother.” Nothing wrong with having girls, but sex-selective abortion–or any abortion–is especially wrong.

Oh, and she wants you all to know; she doesn’t hate men:

I stand by my decision to abort my baby because it was a male.
I don’t hate men, I hate the patriarchy, what men, and even some women, turn into, I wasn’t going to let that happen with my offspring. The chances were greater that it would with a male, it was unacceptable.

Uh, what? If both genders are susceptible to being infected by the “patriarchy,” then why have kids at all? Lana also wrote about the time when she heard she as going to have a son:

Today, my doctor, who I will call “Sandy” did an ultrasound and everything appeared to be fine. “Would you like to know the gender?” Sandy asked. I thought to myself “That machine is an ultrasound, not a crystal ball, you couldn’t tell me the gender of my baby even if you wanted to”

“Sure” was my response.

“It’s a boy”…..


“What?” I managed to sputter. Sandy then showed me on the ultrasound how exactly my body had betrayed me even worse than the misogynistic suit jockey on the airplane so many months before. I was in shock, I started crying, weeping at the thought of what I was about to curse the world with.

On my way home, my driver asked if I was ok and if I needed anything. “JUST STOP RIGHT HERE” I yelled. Deciding to walk the 4 blocks back home. My home became my prison and my fetus became my warden the next 48 hours. Crying, sobbing, uncontrollable weeping, mental anguish the likes of which may only be experienced by those who have had their lives destroyed by war, I was a refugee, and my home was my refugee camp, an unfamiliar place that was just….sheltering me.

Right, because having an abortion is just like war. Abortion is still the destruction of human life, but this observation is just frivolous. This whole post is literally off the hinges.

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Most abortion activists aren’t honest enough to admit that a baby in the womb is a human being.  This woman not only admits that her unborn child was indeed a human, but that she killed him because she didn’t like the type of human she was afraid he’d grow up to be.  

Abortion is not only a pathetic failing of our society, it exposes the cruelty of mankind. We have written laws to prevent the killing and discrimination of the post born, but tolerate the same when levied against the preborn. Human rights belong to all human beings, no matter their size, location, stage of life, or level of dependency.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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