It’s easy to say that you wouldn’t be mad if your mother aborted you now that you are safe from being aborted. Imagine if you were still in the womb and able to realize why your mother’s cervix was being artificially dilated and why razor sharp instruments were being pushed in your direction. Do you think you would hold the same carefree attitude about losing your life then?

If a family doesn’t have the resources needed to raise a child, they can place them for adoption. The adoptive parents will often pay for all medical expenses, so there is no reason for them to kill their child. Only a selfish refusal to make the sacrifice of carrying a child for nine months could stand in the way.

Finally, you most certainly did not possess more rights while living in your mother’s womb than you do now. Can your mother walk into your room and legally kill you because you are inconvenient, expensive, or unwanted? Your life as a teenager is protected by the law, your life as a fetus was not protected by the law. In other words, your life may be destroyed while you are passing through the embryonic and fetal stages of life, but not while passing through the adolescent and adult stages of life. You became you at the moment of your conception. Killing you at any point in your life following that moment is a violation of your basic human right to life. And without that, no other rights matter.

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I wouldn\'t be mad if my mum Aborted me. I could never imagine forcing my father to have me. When my mother gave birth to me she had the support of of friends and family. She also had the correct funds. I\'m not \'proabortion\' or \'prodeath\' I\'m pro choice, \'pro letting women choose what happens to there body. To be honest I find it sad that I had more rights as a brainless group of cells then I have now, as a 14 year old girl.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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