MAN, have I got some news for you… As a pro-choice supporter you should already know this… I SHOULDN’T BE EDUCATING YOU: 

When Roe v. Wade was passed in 1973, it made abortion legal in all 50 states. There is no making abortion legal in 2015… It’s been legal for 42 years in all 50 states. If by making abortion legal in more states you mean passing more restrictions on abortion, including 20-week bans, bans on sex-selection abortion, and more clinic safety regulations that are making clinics shut down left and right, you’d be right on the money. 

As far as the clinics, I have some more shocking news: THEY’RE DROPPING LIKE FLIES! 

 73 Abortion Clinics shut down in 2014, which was 75% of the Abortion Clinics since 1991. The remaining number in the United States is only 739. Just let that number sink in. 551 of them are surgical centers, the other 188 are medication only.  

Just in January of 2015, six Planned Parenthood clinics have been prevented from opening or have shut down. The most recent one shut down was one in Pueblo, Colorado that will be closing before the end of February. 

The fate of the other Planned Parenthood clinics:

-The Planned Parenthood Battle Creek Health Center (South Dakota) announced a closing date of January 31, after a major decline in patients: “a 53 percent drop in patients from 2013 to 2014.”

-Planned Parenthood’s new clinic in New Orleans has been forbidden from performing abortions by the Louisiana Department of Health (and has not opened).

-Today, Planned Parenthood’s new large facility in San Antonio, Texas, was blocked from opening by a court order. LifeNewsreports: “A coalition of pro-life groups in San Antonio has obtained a court order blocking Planned Parenthood from opening their new 22,000 square foot facility in San Antoniountil issues can be resolved regarding proper zoning, building safety standards, traffic safety and neighborhood buffering.”

-Three other Planned Parenthood clinics reportedly closed in January – one each in New Hampshire, Washington, and New York.

All Sources taken from and Live Action News

And this is the scene from the Pro-Choicers at the March for Life in D.C.:

Such a classy bunch, aren’t they? All 50-60 of them? 

Here’s the scene from the march in San Francisco: This is the article that came out about the protesters that ended up being a #epicfail:

And classy pro-choice protesters showing their true colors: 


I don’t know where you get the idea that pro-choice is getting stronger, when evidence is stacking up more and more than aside from the vocal, angry tumblr pro-choicers, more people are leaning towards or are pro-life. Clinics are closing. Regulations are passing. And pro-choicers are getting desperate. If they really felt like their positions were safe, they wouldn’t be doing stuff like this. Nice try, though. 

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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