They didn’t refer to as humans…

And neither does the abortion industry (excerpt from late-term abortion clinic website) …

At 20 menstrual weeks and later, the first step in the abortion procedure on the second day of her appointment is an injection of medication into the fetus that will stop the fetal heart instantly. The patient is awake during this procedure, which is done under local anesthesia and with the use of direct ultrasound vision. The woman does not observe the fetus on the ultrasound screen in this process. Following the injection into the fetus, the first laminaria is placed in the cervix.

On the third day, the late second trimester abortion patient returns for a brief appointment, at which time the first laminaria is removed and more are placed under local anesthesia.

On the fourth day, the patient returns for her abortion. Under direct ultrasound vision, the amniotic membrane is ruptured so as to permit free flow of the amniotic fluid from the uterus. The amniotic fluid is drained as completely as possible. This maneuver permits the accurate measurement of blood loss, which is usually minimal. However, heavy bleeding may occur in late abortion, and it is absolutely necessary to know accurately the volume of this bleeding in order to guide fluid or blood replacement if this should become necessary.

As with the earlier second trimester procedures (15-19 weeks), the later second trimester procedure (20-26 weeks) may require that the physician perform a surgical evacuation of the uterus using instruments such as forceps to remove the fetus and placenta. All the other steps taken up to that point, such as use of laminaria, induced fetal demise, and medical induction, serve to enhance the safety of the late second trimester abortion procedure.

Notice the terms used to avoid the reality of what they are doing…

  • the woman does not observe the fetus vs. the mother does not see her baby being killed
  • injection of medicine into the fetus vs. injection of poison into the baby
  • stop the fetal heart vs. induce a massive heart attack
  • the patient returns for her abortion vs. the baby is returned for their abortion
  • surgical evacuation of the uterus vs. tearing the baby out of the womb in pieces
  • induced fetal demise vs. killing the baby

The abortion industry, just like the former slave industry, relies on euphemisms to avoid conveying humanity to their victims.

Question Human Abortion.

Stand for Life.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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