This week, Britain moved closer to a ban on abortion on grounds of gender after MPs backed a move to fast-track the prohibition onto the statute book.

The Telegraph reports that more than 70 MPs, “spanning the main parties, have put their names to an amendment to the Government’s Serious Crime Bill clarifying Britain’s abortion laws to exclude termination on grounds of the unborn baby’s sex”.

“The possibility of sex selective abortion in the UK was exposed in a Daily Telegraph investigation in which two doctors were filmed agreeing to terminations because the unborn babies were girls. ”

After the British Department of Health refused to take action, Aisling Hupert, a member of Abort 67, instructed solicitors to bring a landmark legal case and one of the doctors filmed is to appear in a criminal court accused of planning an abortion based on the sex of the unborn baby.

The British Pregnancy Advisory Service defended the ‘right’ to abort a baby simply because she was a girl with Chief Executive Ann Furedi claiming that “You can’t be pro-choice except when you don’t like the choice, because that’s not pro-choice at all.

Polls showed BPAS were seriously out of kilter with the public view, with 80% of those being polled by Comcast last year disapproving of sex-selection abortion.


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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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