You really shouldn’t be advocating for cultureshift, he’s been shadow banned for harassing and stalking other tumblr users viciously, to the point where he chased them off the site. That not very ‘respecting all stages of life’.


Oh, he has? I apologize; I was not aware. (I actually haven’t been on his blog in quite a while; he’s just the only other pro-life blogger that sticks out in my memory.)


Actually, this is a complete and total lie that the pro-abortion majority here on Tumblr feels the need to propagate in an effort to silence me. Why? Because I am relentless in my efforts to expose human abortion for what it really is — the slaughter of innocent living human beings.

This was the beginning of their campaign to have several pro-life blogs removed or shadowbanned…

I do unapologetically confront those who post comments advocating for the continued killing of prenatal children. That is, after all, how social media works. This is not harassment or stalking. If it were, anyone who posts opposing opinions on Tumblr would be guilty of harassment and anyone who follows someone else’s blog would be guilty of stalking.

Stand for Life, even if you must stand alone.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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