It’s almost 2015 and pro-lifers still use words like “unborn” and “womb”…these people need to be sent back to the dark ages, maybe they’ll fit more comfortably in there, all the bible beating you want for free and absolutely no biology or hygiene.

Since you guys apparently don’t own dictionaries and mysteriously have no access to Google,



I love how hard y’all keep trying to justify yourselves, I could literally just sit back and eat popcorn while I watch you shame yourselves and pretend to be so correct to defend the usage of an immature word while you stand on a high horse, but anyway:

newsflash, dictionaries are not authorities, they’re guidelines for usage, trying to use a dictionary definition as an argument is literally the most pitiful and intellectually void thing you can ever do, try harder, seriously, try harder to seem right, you’re funny.

“unborn” is an immature word and if you still use it in 2015 you need to go back to the dark ages, we have technology and science today, wether you like it or not, you refer to things properly or go fuck yourself, a fetus is unborn just as a person is “undead”, but you are definitely all uneducated, uninformed and uninteresting in general.

“womb” is just creepy and disturbing, refer to an uterus as an uterus, use proper terminology, it’s not censorship, it’s called knowing how to speak properly, you’re literally screaming because I won’t allow your usage of a word, sheesh.

If you can’t have a serious argument without using those two words, no wonder why no one ever takes you fanatics seriously, you rely so hard on emotionally manipulative language that you have to defend it’s usage, you apologetic bastards lmao.

*yawn* you’re all so boring, basic and predictable, and I mean, all of you.

Stay classy and pretentious, and as always, try harder, come on, you can do better, give me a better argument, I want to see you try.


Really? *amused look*

You’re Entire argument is based on (insert whiny voice here) “ohmygod we can’t trust the dictionary!! Dictionaries are dumb and don’t know what they’re talking about. Just get over it all ready. Ugh”

I mean, pray tell, how did you come by the definition for the word “fetus”? I hope you aren’t using it the way it’s displayed in the dictionary, because that would be awful, we all know dictionaries are untrustworthy.

Okay seriously though, sarcasm aside, where the hell are we supposed to get definitions for words of not the (apparently dreaded) dictionary? Just make them up? You can’t change or take away a words meaning just because you don’t like it, like you can’t. Even though “Queer” refers to gay people now it STILL means strange, and if I want to refer to something strange as queer I will, and you can’t stop me. Because at the end of the day I’m still using it properly.

“you’re literally screaming because I won’t allow your usage of a word, sheesh.”



Ex-fucking-cuse you ma’am, NOBODY “allows” me to do jack shit, I don’t need your “permission”. It’s funny you guys are all over there “omg don’t tell what to do, my life my rules” and yet you want to go around and police people’s speech!? Ha! I’m pretty sure my vocal cords are apart of my body, so my body my rules I’ll use whatever goddamn words I want to and I’ll use them properly.

If the best argument you have is “the dictionary sucks” then I don’t know what to say to you…. That’s like saying the alphabet is pointless. Or rain isn’t wet. I mean come on.

‘Pro-choice’ recap…

newsflash, dictionaries are not authorities, they’re guidelines for usage.”

unborn is an immature word and if you still use it in 2015 you need to go back to the dark ages.”

womb is just creepy and disturbing.”

If the ramifications of their ‘cause’ weren’t so tragic, their utter reliance on euphemisms to defend their position – the killing of ‘fetuses’ on demand and without apology – would be laughable.



1. an unborn offspring of a mammal, in particular an unborn human baby more than eight weeks after conception.

Source: Google Definitions


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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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