This is my view. This is my experience.
This is why I’m glad I had an abortion.

I did not have to continue going through 9 months of awful body changes. The two weeks of non-stop puking and nausea were more than enough for me to handle.

I was not judged or looked down upon by people I care about – but may have a difference in opinion. I was able to chose who knew about my situation. Those I knew would be positive, reassuring, and supportive were the only ones I shared with. It gave me the option to maintain my social status. And it kept me out of the spotlight “did you hear Danielle is pregnant!?”

I did not have to parade my unwanted pregnancy to every person I know. Waiting to give up to adoption is not a choice I would ever make. But many people would view me differently if physical changes made it obvious about my choices.

I don’t worry about a life I would have put into this world. I was and am in no place to raise a child. if I didn’t abort, I would live everyday worrying about this child that’s living in a awful world. I care for people more than to release them into the chaos.

I’ve grown stronger as a woman. My womanhood is closer to me than ever before. This is not something I can find words to explain.


Although your mother had to tolerate nausea and undergo ‘awful’ body changes, you were worth it. Even if her reputation was bruised by your body pushing out on hers, you were worth it.

Even if she had placed you for adoption, she would be my hero – because you were worth it. She would also be my hero if she struggled to raise you, even if she was in no position to raise a child – because you were worth it.

You were worth it because you are a human being. You were worth it because you have the potential to make this world a better place. And you were worth it because you are the only you any of us will ever know.

And guess what? The child you killed was worth it, too. He or she was not a potential human being, they were a human being with great potential. You believe that ending your son’s or daughter’s life has made you a stronger woman, that it has brought you closer to your ‘womanhood’. What I really think you mean to say is that possessing the power to both create life and legally destroy it has affected your sense of who you really are – the mother of a dead child that you chose to kill.

But it’s not too late to reclaim your humanity and begin to protect the most vulnerable and defenseless among us. Reach out to begin a new journey founded on the beauty and wonder of life.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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