Stop. Comparing. Abortion. To. Slavery.

I know you know the difference between a slave and a fetus. I know you’ve been told multiple times why this argument is beyond fucked up. Stop using actual historical tragedies to further your fucked up agenda.

My people were slaves. My people were conquered by white people. My people were told that we aren’t “people”. My people had brown skin, so that made us less than human. If I want to make comparisons to the suffering of my own people, I can and will. Because this is the same thing. You are telling a human being that they are not “person” enough for rights. That they aren’t “person” enough to be worthy of a life. You take away their choice and their voice in the matter for the sake of “bodily autonomy”. I will tell you what, honey. Pregnancy is so temporary. Death, taking away someone’s life, that is permanent.

We are not comparing the suffering experienced by slaves and the unborn. As with the Holocaust, we are comparing the IDEOLOGIES that drive the tragedies of slavery, genocide, and abortion. That ideology is founded on the belief that some human beings are not deserving of the human rights conferred with personhood and therefore may be slaughtered on demand and without apology.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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