I became really depressed & suicidal. Eventually, I ended up becoming a pro-choice activist, to be honest, as more of a coping mechanism than anything else. Abortion promised me freedom, but instead it nearly killed me. This is my story. (2/2)


I hope you’re doing better now, if you need anything, please feel free to ask. Thank you for sharing this with us! ♥ – Paige


I think your message was lost on pro-choice-or-no-voice. I hear you, and I am sorry that you were born into a world that has embraced the killing of its own children as a means to correct its ‘mistakes’. You were clearly pressured into killing your child by those around you who did not want to commit to helping you and your baby make it in this world. By pushing you into aborting your son or daughter, they didn’t have to join you in making any sacrifices.

You claim to be a ‘pro-choice’ activist, something you do as a means to cope with what you have done. Let me give you another alternative, one that won’t lead mothers like you once were down the same path you have so painfully walked. That alternative is Life. Instead of fighting for the choice to kill the most vulnerable members of our human family, why not fight to save them? Why not volunteer at crisis pregnancy centers or donate money to organizations chartered to care for single struggling mothers. You could then dedicate each child’s life you save to the child you abandoned. You could make your baby’s short life meaningful by dedicating the remainder of your life to saving others destined for the same fate.

Look deep within yourself and you will find the courage to honor your once living son or daughter. Imagine a world devoid of the concept of human abortion. A world where every life is equally valued, from the very beginning. You can help shape this world. You can become more than you are today. You can help make a change for the better.

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I was eighteen, I began college and I also became pregnant. My boyfriend said: \'you\'ve got to get rid of that\'. I was shocked as I thought that we would have gotten married, and people were saying that I couldn\'t finish school with a baby. So I went to the clinic and took abortive pills against my better judgement. I had to flush my baby down the toilet, it was the most horrifying experience, and through all that trouble it only became harder to graduate. I spiralled into depression. (1/2)

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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