5 Things I’m Teaching My Boys About Abortion

Abortion is an uncomfortable topic for many. Today it is an issue that straddles the moral, religious, and political spheres. But as parents, the last thing we want to do is shield our children from the hard questions this issue raises.

We are raising our children to live in a world full of strongly held opinions, and more important than simply telling our children what to think, we want to teach them how to think about contentious issues. To do that, our children need to be exposed to the rhetoric (good and bad), used on all sides.

1. The Big Cop-Out for Men: “It’s a Women’s Issue”

I want my boys to know they can’t cop-out of this issue by saying it’s a “women’s issue” and thus have no opinion.

Abortion isn’t just a women’s issue; it’s a human issue. If you’re a human, it’s an issue that impacts you. Our children need to understand this is too important of an issue to ignore.

I want my boys to learn to stand for the rights of those who can’t stand for themselves. I want them to learn to stand up for the helpless, the marginalized, those that are discarded and seen as unimportant. I want them to know that a noble man, a man of virtue, is a man who stands up for the rights of others without regard to how it impacts them personally.

I’ve known too many men in my life who have used this excuse for non-involvement—and it absolutely infuriates me. I can’t respect a man who uses this cop-out. Have an opinion, know what and why you believe it, and stand firmly for it. I don’t want my sons to pull this wishy-washy stuff and say they have no “right” to an opinion.

2. Life Begins at Conception—any dummy can tell you that.

When our children interact with the world, they’ll encounter all sorts of lies. One such lie that many spout is that a fetus is not a human life—a baby.

I have a degree in Biology, but you don’t need one to know this. It’s unequivocal. When a sperm and an egg meet (in humans as well as in any species of animal) a life is created. Things either are living or inanimate—they have a capacity for growth and development or not. Clearly, an embryo has a capacity to grow and develop.

My sons will not be duped into believing otherwise. If they are to decide later in life they are pro-choice, they must come to grips with the reality that the act of abortion is an act of violence to a human being. The act of abortion ends a life. It kills a baby.

When pro-abortion advocates are honest, they’ll admit this—and they do.

Judith Acrana, fervent abortion supporter stated…

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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