A woman got an abortion at 17 weeks because she was about to die if she didn’t. And cultureshift kept reblogging posts from her all day every day showing her pictures of 17 week old miscarriages and telling her she was a murderer and that if she was a real mother, she would have protected the life in her womb. The pro-choice blogs can probably find you some older posts if they’ve been around at least 8-10 months. Should ask them for the cultureshift stuff.


That’s horrible! I’ve said a hundred times if your life is endanger do what you must to save yourself so I definitely don’t condone that and I’d NEVER condone harassment.

Like I’m actually really upset that I didn’t know this, I don’t know what to say I’m so sorry you people I really am. I didn’t know!


Your anon is lying. What you will notice is that they could not produce one link to all of these ‘daily posts’ targeting a dying mother that they claim exist. You can search my archive for yourself. I fully support a mother’s right to protect her life in the extremely rare case that her pregnancy truly threatens her. I have blogged on this topic many times, but my article on ectopic pregnancy should make my position clear.

If you are going to enter a debate centered around the slaughter of prenatal children, you will need to possess a spine of steel and be a good judge of character. I will make no apologies for speaking the cold hard truth, even when feelings get hurt. Ask yourself, does hurting someone’s feelings really compare to the horror of pulling someone’s body apart while still alive?

My direct and impassioned approach to saving the lives of those at risk of being killed by abortion is extremely effective and those in favor of continuing their slaughter know it. In fact, they coordinated an effort to have me and others banned last year.

They did this for the same reason they do this…

You see, those of us who believe in the equal value of all human beings, whether born or not, are a tiny minority on this platform. For that reason, it is easy for the ‘pro-choice’ majority to keep our voices muted. The defamation of my character that they are employing by lying to you is a clear example of this strategy.

You can follow your heart and continue to stand with those who stand for life, or you can whither under the pressure of those who wish to keep the killing on track. The choice is yours.

Unafraid. Unashamed. Unrelenting.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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