I wouldn’t be here today if the doorbell had rung before my parents had the sex that conceived me.

I wouldn’t be here today if a different sperm had made it to the egg first.

I wouldn’t be here today if my mom had bled out the egg that helped make me, or my dad had jacked off the sperm that helped make me.

I wouldn’t be here today if a zillion different odds hadn’t lined up just so. A different person would be here today, since my parents wanted a kid, but it wouldn’t be me. All of my life experiences would never have happened.

So fucking what? That happens billions of times every day. An aborted fetus “misses out on its life” just as much as an unfertilized egg or unused sperm does, yet no one cries over their murder.

I am reblogging this to point out the absolute and total ignorance of human reproduction that your typical ‘pro-choice’ activist is afflicted with. It is this ignorance that the pro-life movement must fight to overcome every single day. What the uneducated person behind prochoice-or-gtfo doesn’t understand is that we are ALREADY HERE if our mothers feel the need to kill us. Every example she provided presumed that her mother’s and father’s gametes never fused, so of course she wouldn’t be here. The argument she attempted to refute clearly stated ‘if aborted’. To be aborted, one must first be conceived, otherwise there is nothing to abort.

PLEASE, if you support the poisoning or dismemberment of unborn children, watch this video to educate yourself about basic human reproduction. You owe at least that much to those you champion to destroy.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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