Considering he doesn’t like answering questions that he can’t spin into his light, probably true. 


Before I started this blog I asked him a few times that if he was so pro-adoption would he fight to make it easier for same sex couples to adopt and help end the stigma of same sex parenting.

He never responded lol

I’ve asked him at least 10 very reasonable questions. No response.

The original anon was referencing this post.

1. The fact that gynecological instruments are used for legitimate healthcare does not absolve those who use them to kill healthy living human beings of culpability in their deaths. Although a rifle may belong at a shooting range, it should not be used to kill the human beings at that range.

2. I currently have well over 9,000 asks in my inbox and receive several more each day. I have answered many hundreds of these. I archive the asks that I consider the most illuminating or that are repeatedly submitted by a wide audience. Please visit my top asks page where you will likely discover that all of your questions have already been asked by others and previously answered.

3. I have repeatedly addressed same-sex adoption both through asks and through various posts. Once again, I support any couple who is capable of providing a safe and loving home to a child in need. In fact, I regularly combat the ‘pro-choice’ lie that the unborn members of our human family should be killed because they are ‘unwanted’. The truth is that there are waiting lists for newborns, regardless of the sexual orientation of those on the list.

4. The continued effort of those in favor of killing the weakest and most vulnerable among us to demonize me exposes something important about their ‘cause’:  they must hide the truth about what abortion does to living human beings and they must discredit those who spread that truth. Further, they must rely on censorship, media bias, ignorance, slander, and libel to propagate their lies. Their desperation is becoming more and more obvious as the power of new imaging technology and social media combine in a perfect storm to create a new Pro-Life Generation.

The truth will always find a way.

Stand for Life.

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i sent cultureshift several messages about how pro life terrorism is more prevalent than pro choice vandalism and how the tools used in an abortion are used for other gynecological and surgical reasons and he never answered or posted. i suppose he doesn\'t want his cult to know he doesn\'t know his ass from a hole in the ground, eh?

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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