Fearing second forced abortion, teen concealed pregnancy and hid newborn under sink.

Police in Palm Bay, Florida, say a teenage girl gave birth at home and hid her newborn child under a sink out of fear her parents would compel her to have another abortion against her will.

The 18-year-old delivered a five-pound baby girl in the restroom on January 31, then placed the child in a paper bag and put her underneath a bathroom sink before she passed out from losing about two pints of blood.

The mother, Breanna LaSean Ross, who is now 19, woke up in a hospital after an EMS unit discovered her baby and rushed them both to the emergency room for treatment.

Both mother and her child came through without any trouble.

When asked about the crying baby, Ross told officials that she had gotten pregnant with her boyfriend earlier, and both her own mother and his mother forced her to have an abortion.

Since she feared they would do the same with this child, she hid the pregnancy from them and, as she began slipping out of consciousness, hid the baby from them.

Although Ross was technically an adult when she gave birth, many young women feel they have no option but to have an abortion after intense emotional pressure – and sometimes physical abuse – from their parents, boyfriends, or even their co-workers.

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